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At Sasha International, we strive to be the preferred Manpower Supply Company for clients pursuing service excellence

1: Approval from protector office:

After receiving the requirements from the client, we start fulfilling the local legal requirements on our principal’s behalf. It involves seeking permission from the protector of emigrants office for sending the manpower to overseas job assignments.

2: Advertisement

After getting the approval, we advertise nationwide using print and electronic media and internet.

3: Interview arrangements

After short-listing the candidates, we conduct interviews at the two following stages:

A – preliminary stage interview: conducted by our own panel of experts. Our panel include the human resource expert, one experienced person from the related field and psychiatrist. They shortlist the candidate and refer only two or three candidates for the final selection.

B – final interview with our clients: we have the multi-media arrangements in our local office to offer on-line video conferencing facilities to our foreign clients so that they can have real time interview with the real candidate in front of them on the web screen. If the foreign client prefer only the telephonic conversation we can arrange that as well in our office.

4: Security clearance

Apart from the professional expertise, we also take full responsibility of our nominees’ past record and ethical back ground. As our standard procedure we thoroughly check and seek clearance from the local police and the community about moral as well other behavioral aspects of the successful candidates. We always ensure high ethical standards and team playing spirit of our nominees.

5: Briefing about the working conditions

In order to update the personnel about working conditions, rules and regulations, climate, law and jurisdiction of the country, we arrange exclusive and special sessions for the candidates. Lectures and important notes are delivered and information is offered through our audio-visual library..

6: Medical test and inoculation

We carryout strict medical checkup at renamed laboratories, hospitals and medical centers or Medical centers approved by the Host Country. These preventive measures ensure maximum health and safety assurance and for utmost satisfaction of our Clients.

7: Visa stamping

We are entirely responsible for the visa stamping process till the collection of the passport from the embassy. This is one of the many fool-proof steps aimed at restricting any type of mishap of fake documentation.

8: Registration

The registration of the selected personnel with the protector of emigrants is our responsibility. We get the registration and protector clearance done in shortest possible time.

9: Reservation & ticketing

We have good links with all the leading airlines. In fact, we are always in a better position to offer our services to our candidates by faster, accurate and prompt reservations and in-time dispatch with a professional touch.

10: Follow-up

We try our best to keep in touch with our candidates as well as the principals so that we should extend every possible help on our end even after the hiring procedure completes successfully

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